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Author: Yann

Doc M & BS8300 image of accessible bathroom

Doc M & BS8300: What’s the difference?

If you’re involved with designing, specifying, supplying or installing accessible facilities, you’ll be familiar with the two main sets of accessibility standards that apply in the UK – namely Doc M and BS8300. But if you’re new to the world of accessible design, it can

blog header image showing doc m guidelines in an accessible bathroom

Understanding Doc M: Why The Guidelines Exist

Explaining Doc M Guidelines We’re passionate about designing disabled bathroom solutions that go beyond the guidelines – we’re dedicated to enhancing experiences and creating dignified, inclusive spaces for everybody.  In this blog, we explain Doc M, to shed light on each element’s significance, from the

Close up of water flushing in a white rimless toilet pan

Doc M Design: What is a Rimless Toilet?

It goes without saying that hygiene is a primary consideration in Doc M design and that as well as being easy to access and use, accessible WCs should be easy to keep clean – especially in the public realm. Rimless toilets are the latest innovation

What is PVD finishing blog header image

What is PVD finishing?

Physical Vapour Deposition – or PVD for short – is a finishing technique used to deposit a very fine layer of decorative metal onto a separate metal base – usually brass or stainless steel.  It’s a method we use to achieve a premium look on

blog header image for Doc M Glossary: A Guide to Accessible Design Terminology

Doc M Glossary: A Guide to Accessible Design Terminology

Designing, specifying and installing accessible toilet or bathroom facilities means getting to grips with a specific suite of guidelines, legislation and product terminology.   If you’re new to Doc M design, you’re likely to be feeling anxious about getting it right, and overwhelmed by how much

Doc M Shower Pack

Doc M Shower Packs: Everything you need to know

Disabled toilets are the first thing most people think about in relation to Doc M, but when designing accessible bathroom facilities for commercial or hospitality settings, creating accessible showering spaces is another common requirement. Whether it’s an accessible hotel suite, showers for a spa or

A luxury hotel bathroom with silver grab rails

Future proof: Designing bathrooms for the elderly

When we use the term ‘Doc M’, we automatically think of disabled people and particularly, designing bathrooms for the needs of wheelchair users – but what about designing bathrooms for the elderly? Doc M isn’t just about disability – in fact, it’s about ability, and

BS8300 blog image. A corporately-dressed woman in a wheelchair conducts a meeting with a male colleague in a glass-walled office, while people pass by outside the open door.

What is BS8300?

If you’re an architect, a property developer or a building manager, you’re likely to have heard of BS8300 – a British Standard regarded within the construction industry as the best guide to designing accessible, inclusive environments. But if you’re new to the industry, or if