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Gold standard hygiene for disabled toilets: Introducing infra-red sensor Doc M packs

Designing disabled toilets is all about accessibility; making every space as comfortable, practical and convenient as it can be for people with a wide range of disabilities.

The range of disabilities that Doc M spaces have to cater for is extremely broad – but whether a person is a wheelchair user, or simply has some issues with mobility and dexterity, their main function is to remove barriers to use.

Sometimes the simplest tasks – pressing a toilet flush or turning a tap – can present big challenges for people with disabilities.  And in every bathroom, whether public or private, Doc M or not, hygiene is a primary consideration.

That’s why we’re so proud to announce the official launch of our all-new NYMAS Premium Infra-Red Doc M Packs.

What is a Premium Infra-Red Doc M pack?

Our Premium Infra-Red Rimless Doc M packs have been designed with gold-standard accessibility and hygiene in mind.  As with our standard Doc M packs, they contain everything you need to create a practical, compliant and stylish disabled toilet – but with the added benefit of touchless, infra-red technology developed by the experts at TYDE.

Each pack contains all the grab rails and sanitaryware you need for a Doc M compliant disabled toilet cubicle, including a hand basin and  ultra-hygienic rimless toilet pan.  The toilet cistern is fitted with an infra-red flush sensor, and the basin comes with an infra-red sensor tap.  This means that the user doesn’t need to touch, grip or twist anything in order to use the toilet and wash their hands – they simply pass their hands in front of the sensor to activate the flush or water flow.

What’s included in the pack?

We have two different pack options in our Infra-Red Doc M Pack range – one for NymaCARE and one for NymaSTYLE.  The packs are configured as follows:

NymaCARE Infra-Red pack

(affordable premium option, suitable for all settings including healthcare)

NymaSTYLE Infra-Red pack

(luxury premium option, for high-end healthcare & hospitality)

  • A back-to-wall rimless toilet pan
  • An infra-red flush sensor 
  • A single tap hole basin
  • A WRAS-approved infra-red tap, flush valve & inlet valve
  • Four fixed grab rails
  • One hinged support rail
  • A back rest
  • A wall-hung rimless toilet pan
  • An infra-red flush sensor 
  • A single tap hole basin
  • A WRAS-approved infra-red tap, flush valve & inlet valve
  • Four fixed grab rails
  • One hinged support rail
  • A back rest

What finishes are available?

We offer a range of Sensor Doc M packs to suit disabled toilets of all specifications.  This includes back-to-wall and wall-hung toilets plus a range of standard and premium grab rails to complement any interior aesthetic.

Our NymaCARE Infra-Red Doc M pack includes a polished chrome sensor tap with matching flush bezel.  Grab rails are available in 4 RAL colours – white, grey, dark blue and dark grey – plus polished or satin stainless steel.

Our NymaSTYLE Infra-Red Doc M pack contains a tap and flush bezel of your choice, which can be matched to the grab rails.  All elements are available in polished or satin stainless steel, or matt black.

How does a sensor tap or flush work?

image of infra-red tap  image of infra-red sensor

Sensor taps and toilet flushes both use infra-red technology.  The tap body or toilet cistern is fitted with a small, infra-red sensor, which requires a power supply.  The sensor emits an invisible beam of infra-red light.  The sensor detects motion when the beam is interrupted by the user’s hand passing in front of it.  This triggers the solenoid valve inside the tap or cistern to open, starting the flow of water.

In the case of taps, the water will continue to flow until the obstruction (the user’s hands) are removed from in front of the sensor, or after 90 seconds – whichever comes first.  These settings can be adjusted by the installer. With a sensor flush, the flush cycle is automatic and cannot usually be initiated again until the cistern has completely refilled.

What are the benefits of choosing Ultimate Hygiene?

image of infra-red tap

Our Ultimate Hygiene Sensor Doc M Packs offer three main benefits: ease of use, infection control and water conservation.


The majority of hand and surface contamination in a bathroom environment occurs after people have used the toilet and before they wash their hands.  By implementing sensor technology for the toilet flush and basin tap, venues can automatically eliminate a large percentage of surface contamination as well as cross contamination caused by multiple users touching the same flush lever or tap.  Our Ultimate Hygiene Doc M packs also feature a rimless toilet pan – a design that’s becoming increasingly popular because there are no hard-to-reach places where germs can hide. 

Ease of use

Sensor taps and flushes are also much easier to operate than conventional levers.  Doc M clearly states that in order to be compliant, these components should be easy to operate.  Infra-red technology enables the user to start the water flow simply by passing their hand (or any body part) in front of the sensor.  This means less reaching, and no need to exert force on a lever, both of which can present challenges for people with dexterity problems or limb differences.  In addition, the temperature of the water in a sensor tap is pre-set, eliminating the risk of scalds and making them safe and easy to use for everyone, including children and the elderly.


Sensor taps and toilet flushes can also help to support environmental sustainability and keep costs down by saving water.  Unlike conventional taps, which have to be turned on and off manually, a sensor tap’s water flow starts automatically and stops after a predetermined amount of time, so there’s no risk of a tap being left running.  The flow rate itself is preset, which minimises the risk of splashing around the sink area and onto the floor – an important safety consideration. 

Need more information?

If you’ve got questions about whether infra-red is right for your next Doc M project, need spec information or simply want to find a NYMAS stockist, our experienced sales team will be happy to help.  Get in touch now and experience ultimate hygiene at your fingertips!