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Inclusivity made simple


Simple and durable, products in the NymaPRO range have been designed with ease of installation and safety of the end user in mind. Our most affordable range, NymaPRO has been created for optimal functionality and easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for private home adaptations, residential care, social housing and commercial developments.

Cost Effective Durable Solution

Designed with both ease of installation and client safety

When a budget-conscious but safe and reliable option is needed our NymaPRO range offers a selection of design and functionality options designed to work hard in many settings. Easy to fit, easy to use and built for durable performance users can trust. Discover why NymaPro is the first choice for those who rely on NymaPro’s ability to simply deliver.

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Designed for ease of installation

Expect clear, detailed instructions and a well-engineered product you can trust for hassle-free fitting. Usage, compliance, load ratings and compatibility information – plus expert support if needed – all available as standard.

Ideal solution for home adaptations

A perfect combination of value for money, subtle finishes and reliable performance makes NymaPro the ideal choice for home use. Sturdy plastic and durable steel options put reassurance within reach of every budget.

Designed with safety in mind

Discover design features such as fluted grab rails for extra grip help make sure a washroom is as safe as possible, no matter who is using it. A wide range of cost-efficient options means the perfect combination of support for a washroom user is easy to achieve.

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Product Advice

We have a team of experts specialising in all aspects of inclusive washroom equipment. If you need a comprehensive range, we do it all – and it is all we do!


Product Brochure

View our product ranges – from ultra-durable options to high-performance healthcare products to luxury design-led fittings – in our complete, downloadable guide.