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Don’t Let Unexpected Costs Sink Your Bathroom Project

Specifying a bathroom project? We asked designers and architects for their ‘must-see’ advice to avoid costly issues.

Read on to discover what they told us…

Problem 1: Poor Quality Control

Solution – Brand Assurance

The reassurance of a known brand means ‘fit and forget’ and avoiding issues with low quality products later.

Problem 2: Bathroom Project Delays

Solution – Find a Professional Partner

A relationship with a trade bathroom specialist means help with compliance, drawing/ schedule analysis, deep product knowledge and knowledgeable answers from an industry specialists to help spot the causes of delays like XXX before they happen.

Problem 3: Specification Changes

Solution – Look for a One-Stop Source

Having a supplier who can provide everything from classic designs to showpiece, customised packs/ products with luxury and design to the fore means specifying the right solution without changes later.

Problem 4: Slow Information or Response from Supplier

Solution – Refuse Ordinary Customer Service

Fast quotations, responses to queries and tailored service – like customised room kits and delivery to site – should come as standard and will avoid time wasted on slow, non-specialist supplier support.

Problem 5: Hunting Product Data

Solution – Check for info, and answers, close to hand

Searching for product data can be frustrating, that’s why Nymas prides itself on the answers you need online, or one phone call away, every time.

Problem 6: Unique Problems With No Off The Shelf Answer

Solution – Change to a more flexible supplier. When your designs have a specific need, making generic bathroom packs fit can be a roadblock. Check that your supplier will customise packs to help make every bathroom project as easy as possible through maximum flexibility.

A Professional Partnership for Better Projects

Nymas offers two decades of accessible bathroom expertise along with a passion for unique design-led designs through its Fitzroy of London brand.

Access free concept to completion support from a Nymas specialist to make your next accessible bathroom project easier, higher quality and more visual impactful than ever.

Simply contact Nymas below with your questions. We’re here to help.

A Supplier Switch for the Better – Free Consultation

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