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Confident compliance: Why NYMAS Group is your preferred Doc M partner

As human beings, we’re used to the idea of progress.  The expectation that things will always improve with the passing of time is one we all hold, so it’s jarring to realise that for some sections of society – such as people with disabilities – progress is often slow, hard-won, and can’t always be taken for granted. In 2023, accessibility shouldn’t be complicated – but in many cases, it still is.  Making buildings accessible is a concern for many different stakeholders – from developers to contractors to designers to end users.  These parties all understandably have different priorities, some of which may be conflicting – and they’re working within regulations that at best leave room for interpretation, and at worst, that can be downright confusing. The truth is that Doc M compliance and true accessibility are not always the same thing.  In order to achieve the latter, you need a solid understanding of the former – but also the knowledge that comes from understanding how people with a disability navigate the world, and what they need in order to have experiences that are comfortable and dignified. At NYMAS Group, we provide the expertise our customers need to deliver holistic, well thought-out Doc M washroom solutions that meet the technical, practical and aesthetic objectives of a diverse range of stakeholders.

Understanding Doc M

Let’s say it like it is – Doc M can feel like a minefield if you’re not dealing with it on a day-to-day basis.  The regulations are highly technical – and for good reason – but if you’re not fully au fait with them, they can feel overwhelming.  As important as complying with the regulations is understanding WHY they exist – why a toilet seat needs to be a certain height, or why a grab rail needs to be a certain colour.  Unless you’re designing or specifying for accessible spaces all the time, it’s likely you don’t have time to fully explore the nuances of the regulations, and the people they affect – and when you choose NYMAS, you don’t have to. With 20 years of experience in Doc M compliance, we know the regulations like the back of our hand, so we’re best placed to offer guidance and technical expertise that supports you not only to comply, but to genuinely meet the needs of disabled people in your buildings. Our product portfolio offers a product for every budget and setting, from no-frills solutions to luxury, design-led options. With a UK-based customer support team and a comprehensive array of physical and digital resources, including technical data sheets and BIM objects, we make it easy to specify NYMAS Group products for a simple, seamless – and ultimately successful – Doc M project.  

Going beyond compliance

If you work in property development or construction, its’s tempting to see Doc M as the end of the story.  But look at things differently and you’ll realise that Doc M compliance – the physical possibility of using the bathroom – is really the bare minimum disabled people should expect.  Like the general population, they have a right to expect independence, comfort and dignity when using the washroom in a public place, and yet many accessible washrooms – even those that are technically ‘compliant’ fall short of this standard. Any Doc M supplier can provide toilets, basins and grab rails to create compliant spaces – but what sets NYMAS Group apart is the level of choice, expertise and guidance we can offer for professionals looking to push the envelope by creating spaces that exceed expectations and elevate standards for disabled people.  

Let’s make it simple

Our mission at NYMAS Group is to make design-led washrooms that are safe, dignified and accessible for all.  Of course, we can’t do this alone – it can only happen when we partner with the professionals whose job it is to design, develop and physically build these spaces. We’re proud to have worked with some of the world’s most influential venues and designers to do exactly that.  These professionals choose NYMAS Group because we offer them more – more choice, more style and more support, so they can achieve their accessible vision more efficiently. Whether you’re a plumbing wholesaler or an architect, and whether the project is a super-functional public amenity washroom or a luxury hotel suite, we’ve got the products and the expertise to simplify Doc M compliance – but more importantly, to help you go beyond compliance and achieve washroom spaces that meet your objectives on inclusivity, affordability, quality and style. As we move forward in 2023 we’ll be adding even more value for NYMAS customers, building on the success of our product guide with the launch of updated and redesigned technical data sheets for all our products, as well as guides to help you navigate the nuances of Doc M, and break or make spec confidently with NYMAS Group as your trusted Doc M partner. For further information or to receive a copy of our product guide, get in touch.