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Choosing the right NYMAS brand for every venue

Accessible design is a concern in every single type of public building and venue.   From hospitals and care homes to office blocks, libraries, coffee shops and luxury hotels – every building that is open to the public has a legal requirement to provide compliant, accessible toilet facilities. It goes without saying that all these buildings are different – they don’t all look the same, they don’t all perform the same functions and they don’t all have the same clientele.  So why is it that their accessible bathrooms so often look ‘samey’? Doc M compliance can look like an accessible toilet with standard white grab rails – but it doesn’t have to.  Within the NYMAS Group brand family alone, there’s a wide range of options that allows every venue to give disabled users a comfortable, safe and distinctive experience.   Often, venues end up with unimaginative Doc M solutions simply because they’re not aware of the alternatives available – and that’s where a trusted trade partner can make all the difference.  So next time you’re helping a customer to make or break spec for a Doc M project, why not encourage them to branch out beyond the bog standard?  Here’s our quick guide to the four NYMAS Group brands, and which venues they’re best suited to: NYMAS Group brands NYMAPRO


Our NymaPRO range is the one our trade customers are probably most familiar with.  You’ll know all about its simple, functional design, impressive durability and attractive price point.  NymaPRO is the ideal choice when you’re working to a tight budget or when you need a no-frills solution that’s super-simple to install and maintain.  Sturdy plastic and durable steel make NymaPRO practical and durable for spaces with high traffic, and it’s available in seven RAL colours for easy compliance.   A key plus point on NymaPRO is availability – we offer market leading delivery times on this range, making it the go-to choice when you need a swift Doc M solution. NymaPRO is adaptable enough to use anywhere, but it’s simplicity and value for money make it especially popular for:
  • Private home adaptations 
  • Residential care 
  • Social housing
  • Public amenities
  • Schools 
  • Cafés & pubs
  • Fast food restaurants
  NYMAS Group brands NYMACARE


Combining robust durability with seamless design, our NymaCARE range has been designed for the hardest-working accessible spaces.  NymaCARE boasts a wider range of product features and solutions, with comprehensive Doc M packs for wheelchair accessible washrooms, shower rooms and changing areas.   Overall, this range has a more refined aesthetic, with grab rails in muted shades and metal finishes including stainless steel and chrome.  Sleek forms aren’t just more aesthetically pleasing however – they’re carefully designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, particularly in venues where infection prevention and control is a high priority. NymaCARE is frequently specified into: domestic homes, healthcare buildings, clinics, residential care and higher education facilities, but its refined good looks make this range particularly popular in the commercial and hospitality sectors too – venues such as: 
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Car showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Wine bars
  • Coffee shops
  • Leisure facilities
  NYMAS Group brands NYMASTYLE


It’s a disappointing fact that disabled people often have to make do with ‘less than’ when it comes to bathroom facilities in places like hotels and restaurants.  A lot of effort and expense goes into creating communal spaces – dining rooms, bars and lobbies – that are beautifully stylish, and non-disabled washrooms to match – but pop into the accessible loos and you’ll often find a grim, grey box with the most basic grab rails.   Through no fault of their own, there’s a lack of awareness among designers about what’s available for Doc M spaces, and how form and function can be successfully combined to create a space that is both stylish AND compliant.  With a little extra knowledge, trade counters can help to break down these barriers by introducing customers to the alternatives – like our NymaSTYLE range. Created for design-conscious accessible spaces, NymaSTYLE perfectly bridges the gap between uncompromising accessibility and contemporary style.  The details make all the difference with NymaSTYLE, whether it’s a smart back-to-wall toilet pack or a single, architectural grab rail in a luxury satin steel or matt black finish. NymaSTYLE is another highly adaptable range that allows the designer to achieve a high-end look in their accessible spaces.  It’s often specified into:
  • Private healthcare buildings
  • Luxury retail venues
  • Trendy restaurants
  • Boutique / deluxe hotels
  • Design conscious domestic homes 
  NYMAS Group brands Fitzroy of London

Fitzroy of London

As our flagship brand, Fitzroy of London is the pinnacle of design-led Doc M, offering a range of distinctive silhouettes and luxurious finishes that take accessible washrooms to the next level. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Fitzroy of London products are made using the finest materials including solid stainless steel and brass.  Within the brand itself you’ll find a range of distinct collections to complement any style of washroom interior, from the classic cylindrical forms of Gosfield to the bold, prismatic shapes of Mortimer. Fitzroy of London offers a complete range of Doc M solutions, including grab rails, supports, shower seats and matching accessories.  There are over 50 finishes available in total, including 18 PVD colours with the opportunity to match grab rails t other hardware such as taps for a completely seamless look. Fitzroy of London has been specified into some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars, but outside of the hospitality sector it has applications in:
  • High-end retail boutiques
  • Luxury fitness and spa facilities
  • Members’ clubs
  • Elite workplaces
  • Luxury domestic homes
  To find out more about NYMAS Group’s brand ecosystem, get in touch – or download a copy of our product guide.