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Choosing a Doc M Supplier: 7 Essential Considerations

Finding the right Doc M accessible bathroom product supplier brings countless benefits for a residential or commercial bathroom project… including some you may be unaware of. That’s why we asked Nymas clients for their advice to help designers and architects make the right choice to create the best possible final results. Here’s what they told us:

A Partnership, Not a Purchase

Specifying a Doc M bathroom pack needs much more than just compliant products to achieve correct layout and optimal design in keeping with a wider project. Tip 1: Look for a company who’ll be more than ‘just’ a supplier but will, instead, be a project partner you can rely on from concept to completion.

Design Matters

There’s no need to compromise on design or choice of finish when specifying Doc M packs. Modern, traditional and luxury options are now available to compliment your residential or commercial project. Tip 2: Doc M packs don’t have to be merely functional, explore options for styles designed to delight clients.

Make Specification and Compliance Easy

For architects, look for superb product awareness, access to CAD files/ BIM and free compliance advice to find a supplier who will make Doc M bathrooms easier than ever. Tip 3: Professional support, with the data and advice you need, should be available as standard. See also: our Doc M FAQs

Support for Ethical Projects

Showing clients that inclusivity matters means going beyond the minimum when it comes to accessibility. Tip 4: Providing not just dignified but design-led bathrooms for all contributes to an ethical project.

Warranty Reassurance (and More)

Look for British engineering, long warranties and manufacturer reputation to be sure of a quality Doc M pack. Tip 5: Ask for warranty information – ten years is ideal – to be assured of the best standards of engineering and manufacturing.

Delight Brand-Aware Clients

For clients who aren’t just design-aware but have an appreciation for high-end quality in their home or building too seek out a luxury brand for their Doc M products. Tip 6: The luxury look and feel of a project doesn’t have to stop at the door of an accessible bathroom. Discover the Fitzroy of London range, used in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and properties, to find out more.

Bring Unique Projects to Life

Doc M bathroom products can be customised, using input from a project’s designer, to achieve the act style and finish needed for perfect final results. Tip 7: Check for the option to customise Doc M accessible bathroom products or even work with the supplier to create unique solutions.

Your Doc M Project – Free Consultation

Nymas offers two decades of accessible bathroom expertise along with a passion for unique design-led designs through its Fitzroy of London brand. Access free concept to completion support from a Nymas specialist to make your next accessible bathroom project easier, higher quality and more visual impactful than ever. Simply contact Nymas with your Doc M questions. We’re here to help. See also: adapting your business for Covid-19 prevention? Explore our NymaSan range.

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