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Our Mission

We make design led washrooms that are safe, accessible and dignified for all.

What We Do

It’s simple: we want to make accessible washrooms easier, more stylish and better quality. We work towards this aim in everything we do.

20 Years of Expertise

We’re proud to wear our heart on our sleeve. How do we do this? By making customers, old and new, aware of the NYMAS values we strive for in every single product and interaction: Passion, Care, Customer First, Integrity, Respect, Team Spirit and Continuous Improvement. Our dedication to excellence in quality, service and choice shows – we hope – through our fixtures and fittings as well as how we deal with those who specify, buy or fit them.

How can we be sure we’re getting it right? We don’t just to go great lengths to gather feedback from customers, we action every comment too. This means praise is shared with our expert time while every suggestion is discussed as part of our efforts to continually review what we do and how we do it. That’s why views and ideas are always welcome, simply contact a NYMAS specialist to share your thoughts You can be assured that we’ll be listening. Every time.

Our Warranty

The standard of manufacture and quality control allows NYMAS to offer warranties on all products.


Product Advice

Our team of specialists are renowned for their knowledge of compliance and inclusive washroom equipment. After all, we’re proud to say…it’s all we do!


Product Brochure

View our product ranges – from ultra-durable options to high-performance healthcare products to luxury design-led fittings – in our complete, downloadable guide.